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Why we have build this Russian Women Dating Directory


Many single men from all over the world are looking for a compatible partner. Many of these man are specifically looking for a woman from Russia or other CIS country. Internet made it easy to shorter the 'distance' between a man and a woman looking for love.

For this reason we created this directory. To have a single site with multiple listings of all kind of websites related to Russian women dating. You will find many sites with single ladies looking for a foreign man, but also many sites with useful information and advice. Including sites like Embassies where you will find official information about specific documents like visa and immigration information.

We also have listings with informational resources about a specific CIS, Baltic or Balkan country. This is useful to prepare your first trip to visit your future bride.


We encourage you to send us feedback, comments, questions or suggestions. We like to know if you miss a certain topic , but if you have a complaint, submit them too. We want to improve this directory using your feedback. You can send us any message through our contact form.


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Russian Women Dating Directory


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