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How To Ruin Your Online Dating Success

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How To Ruin Your Online Dating Success

By Elena Solomon,

These days you seldom meet a single person who never tried online dating - unless they arenít Internet users. 

Since you are reading this, I assume you ARE online - so this information can be crucial for your online dating success.

Most people placing personal ads on Internet dating sites seem to do everything to RUIN any of their chances for success. Are you one of them?

Here is how to ruin your online dating campaign:

1. Choose a sleazy user name

Dating sites usually display your user name in your personal profile. So, if you choose something like "hurdcoreXXX" or "badgirl_69", you are sure to mess up your chances dramatically.

2. Write a timid message

Every day I see people writing in their messages things like, "I hate this part but here it goes", "I never know what to write here" or simply "Ask me". Your personal message is the only thing in your profile that is UN-structured - the rest are usually just tick boxes. Make sure you donít say anything interesting here, so no one will feel compelled to learn more about you.

3. Don't have any partner requirements

Your requirements for a partner say VOLUMES about YOU. If you do not have any requirements for a partner, you will sound absolutely desperate. No one is attracted to desperate people.

4. Don't upload a photo

Most users of dating sites search for profiles with photos. If you do not upload your photo, no one will find your ad. It will also severely damage the chances of your "Hiís", "Virtual Kisses" or "Smiles" being answered.

5. Don't pay for premium membership

Usually online dating sites will allow you to place your personal ad for free, but to write to other singles, you have to buy a subscription. Although the price of subscription is cheaper than the price of a movie ticket and popcorn, you should not be tempted. By sticking with the free membership, you ensure you cannot contact anyone. Also some sites place ads of premium members on top of the search results. If you do not pay, your ad will appear on the page 247 of the search results Ė which will make it nearly impossible to find.

6. Don't contact other members

Most online dating services will allow you to contact other members for free by sending a "Hi", "Virtual Kiss", "Icebreaker" or "Smile" Ė an expression of interest, to which the other member can respond. Donít send any of those to anyone, or they may just answer positively. Think only about how bad would you feel if they rejected your advances.

7. Don't change anything in your ad

Donít attempt to change anything in your ad. If you change something, it may just start working. Keep with what doesnít produce any results.

8. Don't login to the website - ever

Once you placed your personal ad, immediately forget about it Ė and forget your user name and password, too. Donít login to the website again. If you do, your ad may jump to the top of the search results and someone may write to you. Donít take this risk. Just place the ad and forget about it.

If you follow this simple guidance, I can GUARANTEE that you will flawlessly ruin any chances for success with online dating sites and your love life will stay just the way it is! 


Elena Solomon has been involved in online dating since the early days of WWW. She is the exclusive dating consultant of - Internet personals for singles seeking love, romance, relationships and fun.

Elena is the author of "12 Simple Rules for Success in Love, Life and Online Dating".


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