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Visa and Immigration


US immigration services.

We provide you with any US-immigration related easy-do-it-yourself kits, like K1 fiancée kit, K3 spouse kit, US citizen kit and many more...


Russian Visa's

Here you will find useful information concerning all aspects of travel to Russia. Tips and insights, sights to see, and invaluable information about hotels, airlines and Visas.


Immigration Support Services

Now, no matter what your immigration needs are: K-1 fiancée visa, alien relative (or spouse), student or work visas, illegal alien status, U.S. INS immigration petitions for any purpose... fast and affordable legal advice is now available 
Attorney William Livingston is the principal in the Law Firm of Livingston & Associates, a law firm operating out of Southern California. William Livingston handles only immigration matters for his firm. He is a regular contributor of articles on immigration matters to several ethnic newspapers.
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Wolzen Law Office

Full service immigration law office.  All areas of immigration and nationality law.  Serving your immigration needs regardless of where you are located.  Prompt, courteous, cost-effective service.  The satisfaction of our clients is paramount.


SVEZHY VETER Russia - Travel Agency 

Russian travel services: visa support, travel advice, cheap train tickets, airlines into/from Russia, discounted hotels, Russia experience (camp, school, family placement, volunteering, work).


Travel related


Russian Brides

Find beautiful Russian brides, Russian women & Russian girls on Ukrainetx. A perfect website to find your Russian bride online.


AFA - Introductions & Tours

Introductions and Romance tours to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and other Cities in Russia. Meet hundreds of beautiful women who are eager to meet single western men.


Discount Hotels Moscow-St.Petersburg

Moscow Hotels at Discounted Rates Reservation Services!


Anastasya Agency

Personal tours to Volgograd and Volzhsky, Russia. Visa support, accommodations, interpreter and driver services.

The story of one man's tour to Russia in his quest for a Russian wife: Russia through the eyes of a western tourist. Photos of sights and people, travel advice.



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